I’m Chris Wilson a freelance developer and dad based in the North of England specialising in iOS development and educational software. A lot of my client work has been for agencies and is covered by NDA but the few bits that I’ve got up to the app store myself have done quite well. Among them my first iPhone app SuperTurboActionPig and Sketchshare iPad app of the week in the UK and winner of the FWA Mobile of the Day award.

An avid believer that computers should make life easier I often find myself trying to automate the monotony out of a job, Sketchshare was built to enable simpler remote collaboration with other developers.iPadAppOfTheWeek

The blog is an attempt to keep a record of the stuff I keep having to look up in one place and hopefully may help others who are looking for the same stuff. I’ll occasionally stick up an article that covers common questions raised on the Cocos2d forum where I’m a moderator.

Early influences were games like Parsec for the Texas TI99/4a, Manic Miner and 3D Deathchase for the spectrum and Dungeon Master for the Atari ST, and my first introduction to RSI was Daly Thompsons decathlon. If you recognise half the things from this video you’ll have a good idea of my childhood influences 😉

When not bathing in the LED glow of my macbook I enjoy playing guitar, running and climbing. Irony being that since I moved to one of the the best areas of climbing in the country I have done very little.

I hit my mid life crisis early and have been taking part on and off for the past 7 years in NettleWarrior and Toughguy. We haven’t pulled the cannon round for a couple of years now but it’s still used to start the race (fortunately it fell apart before we did)




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